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St Heliers Renovation

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The St Heliers house had been home to the Elliot’s for many years. It was solid at it’s core and had served the family well. But Mike, Ursula and the kids live a very full and busy life and had outgrown the house. There were many discussions around whether it would be best to renovate the existing home or start from scratch with a new design. The options were endless and we explored both renovation and new build. It was finally agreed that there was to much life left in some aspects of the house and that utilizing it would beneficial to the overall budget.

The main focus was the busy and active life the family had. All the kids were constantly in and out for various sporting activities. Creating a home which allowed for the flow of people, while creating a safe haven for everyone to come together at the end of the day and relax in each others company.

The kitchen, living and outdoor area is the main hub of the house. There is a flow between the spaces making it easy to enjoy. The outdoor deck area is covered by a louvre roof which creates in door-out door flow, and connects the pool and landscape to the house. The covered outdoor area also creates an additional living area for the busy social occasions from time to time.

Internally the bedrooms and bathrooms have been elegantly finished with subtle tones and textures. This helps brighten up the rooms and make them more spacious. Windows have been made bigger to capture the views as much as possible.

The outside façade and landscape have also been design to subtly update the character and feel of the building. Lighter tones have been applied to the facade to make it feel less heavy and act as a neutral canvas to the landscape. The light facade complements the green landscape surrounding it.

The energy and excitement of Mike and Ursula throughout the process was catching. Every aspect was thought through with the vision of their family and friends creating happy memories in the spaces for years to come.

Create Renovations

We worked with Create Renovations on this. We we're contract by the client to do site observation so we held them to a very high standard and they came through for us as usual.


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Mike and Ursula Elliott

"Getting the renovation process started was quite a daunting thought. We have a big family and live very busy lives, which didn’t leave a lot of time to focus on a renovation. Buildology came highly recommended and they made the whole experience and process so much easier. They were great at exploring every design question we had at the start, and then following through in the execution so we could realize our dream. Their enthusiasm and energy never faded and truly shared in the experience with us every step of the way.

The brief wasn’t easy, but they cleverly managed to design it in a way that made it all come together, exceeding our expectations. Our new home is perfect and we absolutely love it. Buildology were amazing and we highly recommend them."