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Working closely together gets better results for everyone involved


This page is for the Builders

Every builder has a unique approach, and that’s something we respect deeply at Buildology. Founded by someone who’s not only a licensed builder but also a qualified designer, we bridge the gap between practical construction and innovative design. We don’t just hand over designs; we strive to understand your methods and preferences.

Our goal is straightforward: mesh our expertise with your building style. By really getting to know how you operate, we ensure our designs fit seamlessly into your workflow. This alignment means smoother projects, fewer roadblocks, and clients who are consistently satisfied. In essence, when we team up, we make building not just easier, but better.


Why Collaborate with Buildology?

– Better Plans & Details: Quality plans that stand out.

– Fast help on the job site: Minimise downtime; maximise productivity.

– Higher Conversion Rates: Convert potential to projects.

– Weekly Updates: Stay looped into every progress stage.

– Early Project Involvement: A say in the design process from the get-go.

– Increased Client Trust: Build lasting goodwill and rapport.


Who we want to work with

-Builders who take pride in their work

-Buiness’s that are always looking to improve their processes

-Builders who enjoy working as a team

Who we don't want to work with

-Builders who turn up to work just to eat their lunch

-People who take advantage of a clients trust

-Builders who know everything already


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What our builders say

Wade Haldane - Renovation Works

Wade Haldane - Renovation Works

"We have recommended a large number of our clients to the Buildology over the years and find their service to be very thorough, conscientious and supportive, especially during the build.
With many of our projects being complex and varied in design scope, we rely on the design team to consider how the work will be done and help preempt issues before they arise.
Allan and Rome have work very hard to provide the best service possible to our clients despite the recent obstacles caused by Covid 19.
As a renovation company and used to working with clients plans from many other designers, I continue to recommend Buildology as our first choice of design practitioners. "

Zane Raphael - Renovation Builders

Zane Raphael - Renovation Builders

"I own a Renovation Company called Renovation Builders. One of the biggest problems I have seen in my 25+ Years of Building is clients come to me with plans which have been poorly drawn or are well beyond their budget.
I first came across a set of Buildology plans some 12 years ago when pricing them for a client. As a builder the first thing we want to see is detail and be able to have quick interaction with the designer so a project can flow. Ultimately, poor plans cost clients money. We work alongside Buildology with pricing and know there will be quick turn around with detail when we run into issues on site whilst building.
I personally used Romé and the team for my own home and continue to recommend them to my clients.
They are in my opinion leading designers in todays Building market. "

Steven Langerak - Structured Builders

Steven Langerak - Structured Builders

"Structured Builders have dealt with Buildology over 10 years and over many projects all with great results. As builders we like to have clear plans with both design concepts and budget being worked towards from an early stage in the process. Some of the jobs we have completed with Buildology have been nothing short of a success and we enjoy working with them. "

Cameron Holm - Create Renovations

Cameron Holm - Create Renovations

"We have used Buildology for over 12 years. Over these years they have designed dozens of amazing homes for our clients. Great plans to work with. They are trustworthy and they really do care. "

Mike Smith - Woodsmith Building Co.

Mike Smith - Woodsmith Building Co.

"We couldn’t be happier with our experience working alongside Buildology. From the very start, Rome and Allan’s friendly and approachable style made us feel at ease. It’s not always easy to find professionals who combine expertise with a relaxed attitude, but Buildology nailed it.Communication was easy throughout the entire project. Their plans were presented to us by our client, and they were clear with a lot of detail, which left no room for confusion between all parties. It was refreshing to work with a team that understands the importance of open communication and working with everyone involved to achieve a great outcome.What truly set Buildology apart is how seamlessly we worked together. It felt less like an architect-contractor relationship and more like a partnership. Their professionalism and genuine enthusiasm for the project showed they really cared and trusted what we were doing.I want to say thanks to Rome and Allan at Buildology for their excellent communication, clear and detailed drawings, and friendly nature. If you’re looking for a team that not only delivers great architectural services but also makes the journey enjoyable, we would definitely recommend Buildology. They earned our trust and respect, and we look forward to working with them again on future projects. "


The Genesis of Buildology

Buildology wasn’t just an idea that popped up overnight; it was born out of a genuine need in the construction world. Allan observed a recurring issue: designers frequently drafted plans that, while visually appealing on paper, turned out to be a logistical nightmare when it came time to build. These impractical designs resulted in wasted time, resources, and often left builders scratching their heads.

With his years of hands-on building experience, Allan felt he was in a unique position to address this problem. Instead of just complaining about the disconnect, he decided to become part of the solution. He began crafting designs that not only looked good but were rooted in the practicalities of construction.

A few years into Buildology’s journey, Romé joined the team. Her background was a game-changer. With a solid architecture degree under her belt, she brought in-depth technical expertise to the table. This was the perfect counterbalance to Allan’s field experience. Together, they harmonized the art and science of building design.

Romé quickly became an invaluable asset to Buildology. She contributed significantly to refining the company’s approach and expanding its vision. By 2017, recognizing her dedication, skills, and the fresh perspective she brought, she was promoted to lead the team.

This blend of practical know-how from Allan and architectural mastery from Romé became the backbone of Buildology’s success, setting the company apart in an industry that often leans too heavily to one side or the other.



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