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Our Process

Stage 1 - Concept Stage

Buildology will visit you on-site to discuss your project whilst assessing the site and council planning parameters. This will allow us to give you as much information as possible regarding your options and project feasibility.

A fixed fee quote will be issued to you for stage 1, Concept Design within 2 to 3 days. Once this quote has been signed and the deposit paid, we will begin work on your project.

Next we arrange a site measure. The existing building, windows, ground levels, etc are recorded for use during concept design. We will order a property file from council and analyse site specific regulations such as orientation, views, access to utilities, services, and relation to neighbouring sites. This gives us a framework and will assist us to decipher if specialist reports are required before design commences.

Design starts by building an existing model of your current property. Added to this are council planning parameters, site specific information and requirements. We will then review the scope of works discussed and prepare the initial concept designs

When the initial concept design is complete, we present your project plans at our office. Explaining the methodology behind the design, including a 3D walk through of the live model.

Following the presentation meeting, we make the requested alterations and update the plans accordingly. You will be sent a PDF copy for review. Buildology allows two sets of alterations from clients to ensure you are satisfied with your design. It’s important that you understand and accept the finalised plans before progressing to the permit drawings stage. Changes to the documentation during the permit drawings stage will result in an increase of work/cost and may compromise prior design decisions.

Once the design is finalised, we send the plans to your builder for an estimate of build cost. Alternatively, a Quantity Surveyor can give a more accurate breakdown of costs.

Stage 2 - Consent Phase

Resource consent can be required. If so, council approval is needed before moving onto the permit plans stage. Buildology will issue a quote, once accepted we will arrange a pre application meeting with Auckland council.

We will issue a fixed price quote for permit plans, not inclusive of any specialist or other consultant’s fees, example engineering or council

Trouble shooting any structural or planning issues, assessing scope of work for engineers and or other specialists.

Once the required specialists have been identified, all relevant information is sent out for quoting. When quotes are received, they are forwarded to you for approval. As a part of this process we will obtain multiple quotes and compare prices.

Following the development of the plans, we will arrange a meeting to go over our findings. This includes confirming the correct scope is included, covers project specific materials and systems and any complex detailing of note.

Permit plans include all details; minor to major. We prepare custom designs for each project outlining everything from window placement to beams, posts, foundation connections and more.

Once we receive specialist drawings and calculations, they are incorporated to the permit plans.

Auckland Council requires a multitude of forms – we will take care of most of these. Some will require a client signature, we will inform you which of these need your attention.

Stage 2 - Consent Phase

Auckland Council sends our plans to several different departments for review – we will track it’s progress on your behalf. Council uses RFI letters (requests for further information) to contact us. We prioritise responding to these letters with the requested drawings and or information to keep the plans progressing.

Work can begin once council fees have been paid. Building projects always have the odd hurdle during the construction process. We allow for two site visits to address any issues. Anything more will be charged at $250 + GST per visit.