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[learn_more caption=”Initial meeting”]

For most new projects, we like to have an initial meeting on site to get a feel for the project. In this meeting we will talk you through our design philosophies and how we apply them to our projects.

Every project has it’s own style and aesthetic preferences. It is important for us to understand the site as this influence other aspects of your life such as how you live and how you will use the spaces proposed. It is helpful for clients to have collected images of art, design, fashion, interiors and architecture they like to help inform our designers of what you are about. Remember though, tastes are based on experiences so keeping an open mind in the design process will enable our designers to push the boundaries and produce some unexpected but fantastic results.

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Draught offer”]

We will put together a draft proposal for you to review

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Conditional Agreement”]

Conditional Agreement

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Unconditional Agreement”]

Unconditional Agreement

2BFOR Front View two                                   2BFOR Over View Lower

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After the meeting we then make any other requested changes and updates the plans accordingly. We then send you a PDF copy of the plans to review. Buildology allow two sets of changes from the clients during this stage to ensure you get exactly what you want. It is important that the clients fully understand and accept the design before proceeding to the Working Drawings stage as changes to documentation will not only result in an increase in work and cost, but may also compromise the earlier refined design decisions.
If required, resource consent applications are often undertaken during this stage.

During this stage it is a good idea to get in contact with a builder who will be able to give an estimate on the cost of the build.

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Concept estimates from preferred builder”]

Once we have the final design, we send them to your preferred builder and get them to give an estimate on the build cost. Another option is to get a Quantity Surveyor to give a more accurate break-down of costs.



*Please note that every project we undertake is unique so the process may vary.