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Peter & Cynthia


When we first moved into our new house in its un-renovated state, we weren’t very happy and didn’t want to live there. However after having numerous consultations with Allan at Buildology, we were assured that the house had loads of potential and could be transformed into a great home.

When we moved in, the backyard was unusable. We now we have a flowing grandstand style deck that our kids and guests just love. In terms of the house, our family requirements were always a priority – as a result our lounge has an additional ranch slider that enhances our amazing view, in fact you can even see the view from our new open plan kitchen which is stunning.

My wife and I are over the moon with Allan and his team at Buildology, they sure do tailor to you and your future.

Norm & Debbie 


After buying our modern family home we soon realized that we were the recipients of a leaky   home. The bill to repair racked up to almost $120k just to repair cladding and leaks. This, coupled with the increasing concern about living in our unhealthy home, put huge stress on both myself and Debbie.

We approached Allan at Buildology who suggested that while repairing, it would also be logical to upgrade the house – which in turn will all work out cheaper and healthier for our family. He worked closely with us to understand our needs and issues whilst expressing his ideas and innovations for our home, which was great. Now we have an amazing home, with no leaks and no worries, just a fantastic place for living, bringing up our kid’s and entertaining guests.

Lyndsey & Donna

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It is now a year since we moved into our home and we are very happy. It is so relaxing to live here.

The feeling I had when I first saw our home has never left me even though back then it was still a work in progress.

Having looked at quite a few houses it was wonderful to walk up the drive and see something different, not just the usual style that seems to be the latest trend. Our first impressions of a modern design with the contrast of brick and wood blending well were breath taking. On entering, the impact of natural light from the full-length windows on the stairs was amazing.

Allan, you and your team have created a home for us that we enjoy every day and we have had nothing but positive comments from all of our family and friends.