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This Kohi beach front block of units has been nestled in this spot since the early 1900’s. Though it had been well loved over the years, a few of the new owners wanted to give it a fresh new look while being sympathetic to the original style and character of the building. As the building has such a presence on the streetscape it was important to be in keeping with the surrounding environment while giving the owners the freedom to make the space their own. The downstairs unit involved removing of the old lean to conservatories to the front and rear, and reallocating the space to the internal open plan living for a more spacious feel. As the building is surrounded by the flow of public foot traffic, privacy is hard to come by. Taking the outdoor terracotta patio and semi enclosing it with a horizontal louvre screen for privacy and incorporating a pergola with greenery to soften the space helped enhance the unit.

We introduced the same greenery and screens to the external entry way of unit 4 to give continuity to the design as a whole and soften the space. The internal entry foyer was opened up to let more light in, with vertical slats and greenery to connect the internal and external spaces. We have a larger outdoor deck area to unit 4 upstairs with a louvred roof to manage the summer sun while enjoying the amazing views.

Woodsmith Builders

This was a really tricky project with lots of big steel beams but with great communication the Woodsmith team have really pulled this one off.


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