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Photogrammetry is using normal photos to create 3d models.

The software measures the distance from the cameras senors to the lens and the position of pixel for each photo.

It then compares the measurements to the next photo and so on until it has build a complete 3d model.

For a standard size house we are aiming to take around 400 photos, 100-150 from the drone and 200- 250 from a normal 10 MP camera.


Using Photogrammetry does take a bit of time to sort out the workflow.

Things like to much sunlight large, flat surfaces, trees and shiny objects are hard for the software to get points off.

We are using the models on properties that we are going to reclad so for large flat plastered wall we have found that a small print target stuck to the center of the wall has made a huge difference and gives the software something to reference to. We also add ground marks with are a great way to help the software. If the software can’t line up an image automatically you can use these point to line them up manually.

(Added Photos of wall and ground markers)

With “RealityCapture” which is the software we have been using the most you can add Coordinates  and also add refferance measurement so that your models are made to scale.

Listed Below is a few of the different software we trailed and our findings

Capture Reality

What we like: Accuracy – With a fairly fast computer we are able to get our house models with an accuracy on 10-20mm within a 30 min set up and 2 hours of computer processing. Cost –  $130 NZD for three months

What we don’t like: I like to use at least 20 manual points and flicking back and forward to the points bar can be a bit time consuming (this could be just because I haven’t found a better way yet)


What we like: Really accurate and easy software to use, quick processing times and nice models

What we don’t like: $4900NZD is a bit much for us as a start so