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Kedge House

kedge house

The house is located in a subdivision in Mangawhai.  The approach to the design was to break up the repetition of the streetscape found in so many new subdivisions, by creating concealed entrances and simplified facades that open out the deeper you get into the site.  The house is, in its own way, turning its back on the monotony of the subdivision and relying on its own design to create wonderful internal and external spaces.

The form of the house  is almost U shaped and gives shelter from the road, neighbouring houses and prevailing weather whilst creating a series of different outdoor living spaces.  Primary living spaces have been placed at the rear of the site to connect seamlessly to the outdoor decks.

The placement of the windows has been carefully considered to control the outlook and in-look to and from neighbouring properties.  The bedrooms have corner windows that look out to planted areas within the site and tinted windows are used in more private areas to allow natural light to penetrate the space whilst offering privacy.

The exterior is clad in vertical timber which emphasizes the rectangular form of the house and increased stud height.  Verticality has been emphasized further by the windows which run from floor to ceiling.  Pale timber floors run the length of the house and connect seamlessly with the decking planks.  A very modern black and white colour scheme is softened by the use of natural timber in the master bedroom, bathrooms and kitchen spaces.