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Herne Bay Renovation

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This Herne Bay Home required more room, as Anglea and Doug’s family grew they became desperate for more space.

After meeting with Allan they decided to utilize the spare space they had downstairs to add a brand new level to their home. This new level consisted of two bedrooms and an extra bathroom, below their existing dwelling. They also decided to spruce up their own bedroom by adding a brand new en-suite and walk in wardrobe.

Whilst Angela and Doug’s kids are young now, they have planned ahead by creating a separate area for them when they begin to grow up.

This renovation also gave them a connection to their back yard which they never had previously.

Angela and Doug’s home is currently under renovation so we will keep everyone updated with their progress photos.

Wharf Road

The renovation is well and truly underway as you can see in the above images.

Wharf Road 2

Creating space for the brand new level

34 wharf progress

New level well and truly underway