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Forbes Street Renovation

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Originally these clients were looking to purchase a new home in the area they enjoyed living in to allow more space for their growing family, however they soon realised that with the Auckland Housing Market as it is they were better off extending their current home to suit them.


And that is where the idea of adding a second storey came in. Their existing home consisted of 3 Bedrooms and 2 small bathrooms – Not quite big enough for the entire family. The lower level was re-configured to include living/dining/kitchen areas with a guest bedroom and en-suite with the brand new second level consisting of 3 new spacious bedrooms with a bathroom for the kids and a new Master Bedroom and en-suite for the parents.

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The owners wanted to keep the historic integrity of their 1920’s bungalow home by making sure the cladding and exterior colour of the top level matched the lower level. The end result looks as though the original home was always two levels which was the ultimate result for both us and the owners.

The owners are loving their practical and spacious new home with the added feature of having their own luxurious en-suite specifically for the parents.

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